Breville Juice Fountain Cold Review model BJE430SIL

breville juice fountain cold reviewI’ve debated getting a juicer for oh, about three years now. I considered the pros and cons, and even borrowed a Breville Juice Fountain from my friend for a week to try it. In the end, I decided to purchase a Blendtec blender instead (their “will it blend?” videos hooked me!) so I could make green smoothies. I wanted to get all the benefits of the fiber and avoid the high sugar content of juices. Fast forward a few years and I now have a 4 year old son who, although he will eat some fruits and vegetables, certainly doesn’t eat enough of them. He really needs to be doing better on the nutrition front. I began earnestly researching juicers again, which led me to…the Breville Juice Fountain Cold. There weren’t a lot of reviews available online since it’s a newer model so I decided to share my impressions here.

It was the Cold Spin technology, making this juice equivalent in nutrition to cold press juices, that finally sold me on this model. Cold press juices can be stored for about 3 days, and they lose minimal nutrients because there is no heat in the processing. This makes a big difference to me because no matter what juicer you get, you will have to spend time cleaning all the parts after each use. With this juicer I can make juice in one big batch and drink it over several days, which saves a lot of time and effort. Less time and effort = more juice!

breville juicers keep 65.9% of the nutrientsThe model I almost bought was the Breville Compact Juice Fountain because I didn’t want a juicer that would take up a lot of space on my countertop. I think if you’re just juicing for one or two people, have limited space, and plan to juice every day, this would be an excellent choice. Although it doesn’t have the Cold Spin technology, all the Breville centrifugal juicers have been studied by independent laboratories and found to transfer 69.5% of vitamins and minerals on average from the whole fruit to the juice. I just decided to go for the bigger juicer so I could make larger batches (even though I mostly juice for myself and my son – my husband isn’t too into it), and thought the new Juice Fountain Cold would be even better than the older Juice Fountain models, which were already known not to heat up much.

Here are some stats on nutrient transfer for all Breville Nutri Disc juicers:

breville juicers won't heat up

In short, the Breville Juice Fountain Cold is awesome. I love it. My first experience juicing with it was incredible – it’s super easy to use, and seems to make a lot of juice from not very many vegetables. A few stalks of kale, an apple, some parsley, a bit of ginger, and a very large carrot yielded a full glass, probably 16 oz. Not the best tasting juice, it was a bit heavy on the ginger, but that was my fault, after all I’m just a beginner.

Here’s what I started with:

breville juice fountain cold ingredients

And voila, my juice:

juice from breville juice fountain cold


  • two speeds let you juice both soft and harder fruits, so you can add fruits like melon and berries to your juice
  • not hard to clean, I basically rinsed everything thoroughly in the sink immediately afterwards and used the little brush to scrub the screen and it takes under 5 minutes
  • powerful motor – made fast work of everything I put in it (fat carrots, apples)
  • worked well with leafy greens like kale – I put stalks of kale in followed by a more solid fruit like an apple
  • new Cold Spin technology means it maintains the maximum amount of nutrients even though it’s a centrifugal juicer
  • very easy to use, hard veggies just glide through it
  • comes with a nice pitcher that will catch the foam when you pour it and it also seals up to keep your juice fresh for 3 days (or you can use your own glass to catch the juice) – it has a nice seal so you can even shake up the juice in it without spilling (try this over the sink of course!)
  • although it’s not silent, it’s not nearly as loud as I expected a juicer to be
  • the food chute is really wide so I can put a whole apple in – less prep time!


  • it does have quite a few parts to wash, although that would be the same with any juicer
  • not the smallest thing in the world

Now I’m on the lookout for more great juicing recipes. Stay tuned for more updates. Can’t wait to keep using my Breville Juice Fountain Cold!

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