So you want to make roti?

So you want to make roti?

Are you growing tired of European breads? Try something new. Roti is an Indian bread that is growing in popularity. It can be used to make wraps, like flour tortillas, in place of crepes, as a side dish, or even as the base for a flatbread pizza. In this article, I’ll introduce you to this delightful bread, and give you the tips you need to get started in baking your own roti.

More about roti

Originally from the Indian subcontinent, the roti bread is one of the most basic, with only four main ingredients (salt, oil, stoneground wholemeal flour, and water). Today, many roti are industrially produced on roti machines. These machines press the roti while cooking it, yielding a flat bread that is perfectly round and evenly cooked. Roti is now eaten in many parts of the world, especially where the Indian diaspora is found.

Do you own a pastry mat?

If you don’t, but you want to make perfectly round roti, get one. Pastry mats often feature several concentric circles at their center, giving you a good guide for sizing, and minimizing your cleanup. You can mix and shape your roti on this surface, without worrying about making a mess all over the kitchen.

Where do you cook roti?

Roti is very easy to make. It can be baked on a roti maker, but in the home setting most often roti is baked on the stove in a skillet. Some home cooks will use an Indian butter called ghee to grease the skillet they cook the roti in. A flat Mexican comal or Indian tawa is the perfect surface for baking roti, but isn’t necessary. If you don’t have one, just use an ordinary skillet, as long as it heats evenly.

Is that all there is to it?

That’s it. Roti are an excellent beginner’s bread. They sound complicated, but are very easy – even young children can make roti, if supervised. And trust me, the taste and versatility of this flat bread is worth the effort.

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