How fresh-baked bread can help you be healthier this year

How fresh-baked bread can help you be healthier this year


If you are a diehard bread fan like I am, you know that cutting back on the carbs isn’t in your immediate future. That doesn’t mean you can’t work towards a healthier body, though. In this post, I’ll give you a few tips on how you can make your love of all things baked into a blessing for your health.


Whole Grains

Bread often gets blamed for weight gain, but baked goods aren’t really to blame. The real problem is processed breads and highly refined ingredients like all-purpose bleached white flour. You can make your bread healthier by using whole grains whenever possible. Whole wheat flour and alternative flours – like those commonly used in gluten free baking – are healthy and scrumptious additions to almost any loaf.

Including whole grains in your diet can be difficult. When you bake fresh bread at home, you know exactly what is going into it, and in what amount. Making certain that your home-baked bread includes whole grains is one easy way to include these powerful sources of nutrition in your diet.


For more information on the health benefits of whole grains, visit the Whole Grains Council’s website:


No Chemical Additives

When you first begin a healthy diet, the advice that nutritionists tend to offer is “avoid processed foods”. Also known as clean eating, the idea behind the concept is that chemical additives can have negative health effects that aren’t always well understood. Allergies to these additives are also fairly common. When you bake at home, you don’t have to worry about unhealthy additives like preservatives or coloring agents that are added to help extend shelf life and improve the appearance of many store-bought breads.


All Things in Moderation

If you’re like me, the desire to bake is occasionally overcome by the need to keep the house in order and your family in motion. That’s a good thing. If you make a commitment to yourself to not buy bread from the store, and you don’t always have time to bake, you have to budget your bread wisely. Moderation comes into play. And moderation is a real virtue where eating healthy is concerned. As good for you as bread can be, too much is still just that – too much.


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