Bread kneading machines you may already own

Bread kneading machines you may already own

Bread machine alternatives

A dedicated bread machine might be on your wish list, but not currently in your kitchen. You might want the ease of preparation that such a machine would provide, but the cost just makes it impossible. Another problem some cooks have is storage space in the kitchen – you just don’t have room for a lot of different specialized appliances.

Don’t fret. There are other solutions, and it’s possible they are already hiding in your cabinet at home. You can use other common kitchen appliances as bread kneading machines, to help with the more messy and time consuming (and labor intensive!) mixing and kneading processes of bread-making. You will then just need to shape, rise, and bake the dough.  Read on for more details….

Stand Mixers

The stand mixer can be a cook’s best friend for nearly any type of food preparation. These kitchen kings are great at everything from grinding meat to pressing pasta (you’ll need special attachments for this), and they are excellent bread kneading machines as well.

To knead bread with a stand mixer, you will need the dough hook attachment. Some stand mixers provide one in the initial accessories packet, but others require you to purchase the hook separately. Look for a dough hook that is rubber or silicone coated metal, so that it won’t break, but also won’t allow the dough to stick to it.

An important advantage to using a stand mixer instead of a bread machine is that you can make a large quantity of bread at one time.

Food Processors

If you have a food processor, you’ve got an extremely helpful culinary companion. In addition to chopping, slicing, dicing, pureeing, and mixing, these devices can be used to knead dough. Don’t use a metal chopping blade for this process, however. Make sure that you have the dough kneading blade provided by your food processor’s manufacturer. You will almost always have to purchase this accessory. Look for a thick plastic dough blade to do the job well. Be aware that these may break more easily than stand mixer dough hooks.

With a food processor, you really need a large capacity, heavy duty machine to do the job of kneading bread.  A 14 cup capacity is ideal.

An advantage to using a food processor to knead dough is that it does the job very quickly, usually with only about a minute of processing.


Home cooks and bakers can often use supplies that they have on hand to help automate the bread-making process. There are still quite a few reasons to consider using a bread machine instead, but if you can’t afford the investment, there are some great alternatives that may be already hiding in your kitchen. A small investment in specialized accessories may be necessary, but it’s a lot cheaper than buying a bread machine, and will save you valuable storage space in your kitchen.

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