7 Reasons to bake bread today

7 Reasons to bake bread today


Do you love to bake, but have trouble finding the motivation to get started? In this post, I’ve brought the fun back to baking. Read on to find out why baking today will make you smile, laugh, strengthen your friendships, and maybe even help you lose weight.


  • Baking a loaf of bread from scratch (without the help of a bread machine) can burn up to 200 calories, depending on your age, gender, and weight. Consider it a delicious trip to the home gym.  Of course, it’s more work than using a machine!


  • If burning a few hundred calories isn’t enough to motivate you, what about the odor of homemade bread? The smell of fresh-baked bread is enough to boost the mood of many men and women. I’ve even heard that some people consider the smell of fresh bread to be an aphrodisiac.


  • Do you have a busy social life? Bake a loaf of bread for your closest friend. The gesture will mean a lot, especially if you keep their favorite flavors in mind. Its always a good idea to keep a loaf on hand to give to someone you know is having a rough time.


  • Baking at home is cheaper than buying bread in the store. You can use the ingredients you know and trust, making it healthier, too.


  • If you would love to get your kids into the kitchen with you, baking fresh bread is the perfect excuse. Most kids love to play with dough, and will eagerly help mix ingredients, knead, and even choose flavor combinations. Bonus? Kids are more likely to eat food that they help to make.


  • On cold or rainy days, we all crave a little extra warmth. Baking fresh bread can help to warm the house, or at least the kitchen.


  • Nothing beats the flavor of fresh bread. Except, perhaps, fresh bread that’s been buttered!

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