Breville Juice Fountain Cold Review model BJE430SIL

I’ve debated getting a juicer for oh, about three years now. I considered the pros and cons, and even borrowed a Breville Juice Fountain from my friend for a week to try it. In the end, I decided to purchase a Blendtec blender instead (their “will it blend?” videos hooked me!) so I could make green […]

Shun Classic Offset Bread Knife Review, 8-inch

Over the years, a number of different knives and knife sets have come and gone in my life, ranging in quality from discount store varieties to high end German and Japanese brands. But it’s the Shun Classic Offset Bread Knife that is my go-to for perfectly sliced homemade bread. I’ve come to the conclusion that […]

Back to Bread-baking Basics

With thousands of recipes, and as many ingredient combinations, the choice in modern breads can be overwhelming. When looking for something simple to bake, I realized that my favorite recipe book has seven recipes for basic white breads. My kitchen is often overwhelmingly crowded with supplies – especially the bread pantry. I wanted to take […]

Caffeine and Fresh Baked Bread – A Perfect Combo?

Green coffee. Green tea. They sound like flavors that you’d find in a café, not a loaf of bread. Surprise! Both work well in many dishes, including baked goods. Green tea has floated in and out of pastry shops, bakeries, and cafes for years, but very rarely does it hit the bread pan – I’ve […]

Bread making supplies

Bread Making Supplies for the Perfect Loaf Every Time In addition to a well-stocked pantry, every home baker needs a few bread making supplies. Your needs will vary based on how you bake your bread, though. I’ve divided the tools that will come in handy by type. One set is for home bakers who do […]