Comfort Foods: Why Bread is a Go-to in Winter

When bad weather rolls in and the threat of being snowed in looms, the French Toast Weather Alert kicks into operation. Although it’s a humorous site, it does remind me of one thing about bad weather – the products people buy most often when they could be snowed in are bread, milk, and toilet paper. […]

Going Primal: Sprouted grain flours in the bread machine

Primal and Paleo diets are popular right now, but cut out the grain to a large extent. If you’re a bread lover like me, the end of grains in your diet is a scary thought. Enter the rise of sprouted grain flours. In this article, we’ll take a look at what they are and if […]

Caffeine and Fresh Baked Bread – A Perfect Combo?

Green coffee. Green tea. They sound like flavors that you’d find in a café, not a loaf of bread. Surprise! Both work well in many dishes, including baked goods. Green tea has floated in and out of pastry shops, bakeries, and cafes for years, but very rarely does it hit the bread pan – I’ve […]

Bread Machine Troubleshooting Guide

A Handy Bread Machine Troubleshooting Guide Fresh bread…yummmm! Nothing beats it. When you’ve had a long day, and you get home to your bread machine, which was set to reliably cook up a wonderful loaf in your absence, sometimes the anticipation gets the best of you. You look into the bread pan, ready for the […]

Can you really save money by buying a bread machine?

Can you really save money by buying a bread machine? Sometimes, the choice to invest in a bread maker isn’t based on a love of baking. It can be a matter of basic home economics. Bread makers are touted as being money-saving appliances, but are they really? Read on to find out! Adding up the […]

Bread machine cycles explained

Bread machines are great appliances for the home kitchen. The numerous cycles and settings can make baking fresh bread a treat instead of a chore. However, sometimes all the cycles can be confusing and it’s difficult to know which one to use for a particular recipe.  Or if you’re choosing a new bread machine, it’s […]

Bread machines are for more than just bread

Not for Bread Alone – Great Ideas for Other Things You Can Make in Your Bread Machine Bread machines are much more versatile than most people realize.  Some people are hesitant to buy a bread machine because they don’t want to take up so much space in their kitchen for a single use appliance.  But […]

Bread making supplies

Bread Making Supplies for the Perfect Loaf Every Time In addition to a well-stocked pantry, every home baker needs a few bread making supplies. Your needs will vary based on how you bake your bread, though. I’ve divided the tools that will come in handy by type. One set is for home bakers who do […]

Bread improvers

Is There Such a Thing as a Bread Improver? Beginning bakers, welcome! In answer to this popular question, I have to tell you – there are many bread improvers that home cooks can use. The best part is that they don’t require any extra investment. You’ve probably already got them in your pantry or fridge! […]

How to keep your bread fresh longer

How to keep your bread fresh longer Even though making bread with a bread machine is a quick and easy task, once you’ve gone to the trouble to make bread, you will want to keep it fresh for as long as possible.  Here are some tips to help. Don’t slice your bread until you are […]