Shun Classic Offset Bread Knife Review, 8-inch

Over the years, a number of different knives and knife sets have come and gone in my life, ranging in quality from discount store varieties to high end German and Japanese brands. But it’s the Shun Classic Offset Bread Knife that is my go-to for perfectly sliced homemade bread. I’ve come to the conclusion that […]

Getting back on the bread making bandwagon! And the best place to buy replacement paddles for your bread machine

I’m going to admit that I’ve been a bit sidetracked recently by the fact that my trusty Zojirushi has been producing lopsided loaves of bread (see the photo here).  The very helpful folks at customer support provided a lot of great information including steps I can take to identify the problem, which is most likely […]

Bread kneading machines you may already own

Bread kneading machines you may already own Bread machine alternatives A dedicated bread machine might be on your wish list, but not currently in your kitchen. You might want the ease of preparation that such a machine would provide, but the cost just makes it impossible. Another problem some cooks have is storage space in the […]