Getting back on the bread making bandwagon! And the best place to buy replacement paddles for your bread machine

lopsided bread machine breadI’m going to admit that I’ve been a bit sidetracked recently by the fact that my trusty Zojirushi has been producing lopsided loaves of bread (see the photo here).  The very helpful folks at customer support provided a lot of great information including steps I can take to identify the problem, which is most likely wear on the paddles of my beloved 4 year old bread machine.  I initially thought it was probably something going on with one of the heating elements in the bread machine, which was causing it to rise higher on one side.  Hopefully that is not the case and the solution will be much more simple.

I ordered some new paddles for it on ebay, which turned out to be a mistake since they turned out to not be compatible with my machine (even though the description said they were).  The paddles looked similar, but they were not exactly the same.  The results with the ill fitting paddles were much worse than with the worn paddles!  The bread didn’t even mix properly.  After a couple of disasters I gave up.  Oh, and the holidays came around. 🙂  My mother arrived with several loaves of bread she had baked and frozen, and we had plenty to eat without adding more loaves of bread to the equation.

After learning my lesson the hard way, I’ve just now gotten around to ordering the proper replacement paddles from the Zojirushi Parts Store, which turned out to be even cheaper than ordering them on Amazon, go figure.  I can’t remember how much I paid for the ebay ones, but I think they were cheaper than those as well!  The paddles with the shipping from Zojirushi came to a grand total of $6.45.

So now I’m waiting for them to arrive so I can test them out and see if this solves the case of the misshapen loaves.  If not the next step will be to replace the pan of the bread machine itself.  I’m hoping for a quick fix for under $10!  I will keep you posted.

Looking back over my years of bread making, I do tend to go at it in fits and spurts.  One resolution for 2014 is to use my wonderful machine more frequently, especially as my growing 2 year old’s appetite for bread is also growing!

Have you ever fallen off the bread making wagon?  What has helped you get back on track?  Please share in the comments below!

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