West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker

West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker

02The West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker is a popular pick for many beginning bread makers. Reasonably priced, and feature loaded, complaints are few about this model. Read on for more information.

Key Features

  • 12 preprogrammed digital settings
  • Easy-to-read LCD panel
  • Three crust control levels (light, medium, and dark)
  • 13 hour delay timer
  • One-hour automatic keep-warm setting
  • Measuring cup and measuring spoon
  • Manual includes low-fat and gluten-free recipes

This breadmaker has easy-to-follow instructions with a simple LCD panel, making it ideal for first-time users and beginning bread bakers. The non-stick bread pan eliminates the hassle of difficult clean-up, and the measuring tools and included recipes ensure you can get started baking right away.

Loaf size and shape

The West Bend 2-pound breadmaker offers three options for bread loaf sizes: 1 lb., 1.5 lbs., and 2 lbs. The bread pan dimensions are 7″ x 5.5″, resulting in a slightly smaller loaf than the typical store-bought variety. The manual’s troubleshooting guide includes a helpful description of reasons for a short’ loaf, citing bread types and flour as the reasons for variations in height.


11.5″ x 17.3″ x 12.5″ inches

Settings and Cycles

This breadmaker has seven types of bread settings (basic, French, whole wheat, sweet, dough, cake, sandwich), as well as three accelerated-bake settings (quick, rapid for 1 lb., rapid for 2 lbs.), a bake-only setting, and an option for making jam. This puts the total number of settings at 12. In addition to that, there are three crust settings (light, medium, and dark), the default being set at medium.

Cycle length (approximate times)

The basic setting on default medium crust is 3 hours for a 2 lb. loaf. For a 1.5 lb. loaf it is 2 hours, 53 minutes. Unfortunately, the manual for this machine does not list cycle and setting times.

Additional features

The wonderful bonus with this relatively low-cost breadmaker is the amount of useful accessories that come with it. In one section of the manual, there is a focus on measuring ingredients precisely in order to get the perfect loaf. This breadmaker includes a measuring cup and a measuring spoon for just this reason. In addition, a knead blade and a knead blade removal tool are provided.

There is a five-minute backup system in case of a power outage, in which the bread maker will remember at what point in the process power was lost, and continue on as before when the power comes back.


One of the great benefits of this model is the convenience of cleaning it. The model even comes with a blade removal hook, so taking it apart makes life easier. Additionally, the dimensions make it deeper than it is wide, making ingredients easier to pour into the chamber, making for less spills and less drips into the mechanism.

Another great aspect is the delayed release timer, up to 13 hours. This enables you to set a bread loaf in the morning to be ready by dinner time, even if the cook time is only 3 hours. The timer on the breadmaker will not start until the amount of hours you have indicated have passed.

The manual not only contains instructions on how to use this model and methods of cleaning it, but also includes delicious recipes across the board. White bread, whole wheat, sweet, and even gluten-free and low-fat are included in this collection. The troubleshooting section, incredibly valuable for cooks of all skill levels, includes problem-solving for things such as flattened loaves, burned crusts, and even covers the basics of bread-making, including the importance of measuring ingredients properly for an optimal loaf.

Many users also praise this breadmaker for how quietly it operates, and for the low volume of its audible tone.


This model of breadmaker, like many of the basic models within this price range, cannot be adjusted to a different bake setting once the baking process has begun. This is a common complaint from more experienced cooks and bakers, though not as much of an issue for a beginner bread baker.

Several users have complained that the blade inside the breadmaker needed to be replaced after only a few months of use, but this may be an issue specific to a defect found only in certain ones.


This is a great model for beginners, and well worth the price for the amount of additional accessories provided. The manual is highly useful for its extensive troubleshooting, both mechanical and cooking-related, as well as its variety of recipes. All of the tips and tricks are helpful for a cook at any level.

The West Bend 2-pound Breadmaker retails for $89.99 through West Bend; however, it is available for $59 on Amazon, with free shipping options.

The model for the West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker is available here:

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