USA Pans Pullman Loaf Pan and Cover

USA Pans Pullman Loaf Pan and Cover

USA Pans Pullman Loaf Pan and CoverUSA Pans is a new line of bread pans, made by American Pans, the largest manufacturer of bread pans. Each pan is made of aluminized steel, and coated with Americoat, a proproetary silicone coating that makes the pan non-stick, without the use of Teflon or related chemicals.

Pullman pans are named after Pullman train cars, where the bread made in them was once served. They are lidded pans that commonly produce bread with 4 square sides, ideal for sandwiches. Most sandwich breads that are mass produced in the United States are made with Pullman pans. USA Pans makes a Pullman pan that is perfect for home use, as well as industrial baking.

Key features

  • Corrugated sides
  • Loose lid fit
  • Americoat non-stick
  • Aluminized steel
  • Recycled steel
  • American made

USA Pans is big on American pride, as their product names hint. The company produces its pans in a facility in Pittsburgh, PA. The Americoat silicone coating is a guarantee of non-stick performance, and the use of recycled steel makes the pans ecologically friendly. Aluminized steel, which the pans are made of, is the baking industry standard, a lightweight and yet durable material. The loose fitting lid on this Pullman pan allows bread to expand as needed, and corrugated sides help the Americoat non-stick coating do its job.

Loaf size and shape

The Pullman loaf pan by USA Pans produces a large, rectangular loaf of sandwich bread, with perfectly square sides that measure 4″  each. The loaf pan measure 9″  x 4″  x 4″ , the same size as many industrial sandwich breads.


Many modern consumers are concerned about Teflon in pans and cooking products. The revolutionary Americoat silicone finish does not include Teflon, but still provides a reliably non-stick finish. The use of post-consumer recycled steel is a big plus. The pans are manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA, a true US company, held to American production standards. The company has also gone to the effort of ensuring a loose fitting lid, which allows the bread to expand within reason, as needed. In short, this is a quality piece of craftsmanship that both bakeries and home bakers will enjoy using for years.


Although the manufacturer of this pan flaunts the non-stick coating as a positive feature, a few owners of these Pullman pans have noted that it is not the most effective. Another minor flaw which was pointed out by a reviewer has to do with the construction of the pan itself – it is not one solid piece of aluminized steel. There are creases and crevices where pieces of steel are joined to make the pan, and which may allow butter or grease to build up over time, despite careful washing.


If you enjoy a good Pullman loaf, this pan may be a great choice. It is solidly built, and made of replenishable materials. The non-stick coating is a questionable feature – although it does not contain Teflon, a chemical that concerns many consumers – it does not seem to be very effective, either. Other than the need to grease this pan, however, it seems to be a good pick for many home bakers. The product has a nearly five star rating on, and is priced economically.

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