Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker Reviews

Breville BBM800XL 11Custom Loaf Bread Maker Reviews

If you are really in the market for a high-end machine, and money is no object, the Breville BBM800XL may be the perfect bread maker for you. It offers quite a few features, including more loaf sizes in one machine than I’ve ever seen before. Of course, due to the price, it has intimidated some buyers. The good news is that Breville is taking notice – this bread maker started out at a retail price close to $400, but is now offered on at a price point closer to $250. Read on for more information on this fancy, feature-loaded bread machine!

Key features

  • 4 loaf sizes
  • Collapsible paddle
  • 3 crust colors
  • 13 automatic settings
  • Easy to read display
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser

This bread maker produces four loaf sizes, and has a built in timer to ensure you have bread when you want it. An automatic fruit and nut dispenser guarantees that you can make any kind of bread your heart desires, without having to fret over when to add your extras. The easy to read display makes life much easier for the home baker, as well, and the cool blue screen is a great touch, as well. Aesthetically speaking, the stainless steel finish is excellent, making this one of the classiest looking bread machines on the market.

Loaf size and shape

The Breville BBM800XL makes four loaf sizes. You can create 1 pound, 1.5 pound, 2 pound, and 2.5  pound loaves with equal ease. You’ll find the loaf shape to be taller and a little wider than many store bought loaves, although a collapsible paddle feature minimizes the definitely a bread machine’  loaf appearance, by eliminating that tell-tale hole from the bottom of your bread.


9.6″  x 16.4″  x 13.3″ inches

Settings and cycles

This machine comes pre-programmed with 13 settings for baking and dough. Each setting can be fully customized, and an additional custom setting allows bakers to program a cycle to fit their needs. In short, the possibilities are endless. 3 crust shades and 4 loaf sizes increase the available options exponentially.

The included setting for this bread maker are:

  • Custom
  • Basic
  • Basic rapid
  • Whole wheat
  • Whole wheat rapid
  • Gluten free
  • Crusty loaf
  • Sweet
  • Yeast free
  • Dough (bread)
  • Dough  (pizza)
  • Dough (pasta)
  • Bake only
  • Jam

Additional features

In addition to the numerous features described above, the Breville BBM800XL includes a  removable lid for easy cleaning. The machine’s programs are fully customizable, and you can see how your bread is progressing by watching through the large viewing window. Many users have complimented the easy to use display and LCD screen as excellent features that far surpass the competition, as well. In addition, the machine stays cool while working, and is quiet. Did I mention that it also includes an automatic preheat setting for whole wheat breads and for jams?


Excellent customer service is a feature of Breville. The company is noted for responding quickly to customer complaints, and replacing faulty bread makers rapidly.

The machine itself is high quality, offering beginning and experienced bakers alike a wide variety of options for customizing and baking the perfect loaf. The Breville is also capable of handling pull-apart rolls, and comes with more than 46 detailed recipes that have been carefully tested. The company didn’t skimp on quality in the least. Quiet operation is another excellent feature of this product.

A rather large and intimidating manual accompanies the product, but once you open it, you’ll understand why. The tips and information that are included are truly invaluable. Additionally, the plug has a unique safety feature which reduces the likelihood of electric shock, even if your hands are wet when you plug it in.


This bread maker can be a little finicky where ingredient quantities are concerned. When in doubt, use a larger loaf size. The manufacturer notes that smaller loaves may be uneven due to the large loaf pan. Gluten free users should be aware of the fact that this machine only produces 2 and 2.5 pound gluten free loaves, despite having four separate loaf sizes for non-GF breads.


I have to admit that I love this bread maker. The only thing that isn’t wonderful about it is the price. Then again, Breville is new to the market, and the BBM800XL is the only bread maker they currently produce. Until a budget version is made by the company, Breville lovers will have a high price to pay. That said, it really does seem to be worth it.

The manual for the Breville BBM800XL is available on the company’s website,  click here

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