Breadman TR520 2 lb. Bread Maker Reviews

Breadman TR520 2 lb. Bread Maker Reviews

06The breadman TR520 2 lb. Bread Maker is a workhorse, when it works. This machine produces great tasting bread in a wide variety of sizes, crust colors, and bread types. You can also bake cakes and quick breads with this model. Still, some users have complained that it doesn’t always work, and one reviewer even complained that the machine never worked. Since feedback on customer service is scarce, you might want to be careful purchasing this machine.

Key features

  • Inexpens
  • ive
  • 3 loaf sizes
  • 8 bread and dough functions
  • 13 hour delay timer
  • Bell reminder for fruit and nut add-ins
  • Viewing window
  • Removable lid
  • Compact size

Who doesn’t want an inexpensive bread machine with all the features of the most expensive competitors? This machine offers some of the most exciting aspects of top-line competitors, including fruit and nut reminder bells, numerous crust colors, loaf sizes, and baking cycles, a 13 hour delay timer, and a removable lid. The model is compact, and also includes a sizeable viewing window so that your curiosity can get the best of you, without your bread paying the price.

Loaf size and shape

This bread machine produces loaves that are slightly shorter and fatter than their store-bought counterparts. Sandwiches will be a bit bigger, as a result, but the texture of the bread this machine makes is excellent, and the size difference is minimal. You won’t be able to get away with calling your bread made from scratch, though. It is fairly obvious that the loaf pan shape is that of a bread machine. Three loaf sizes are workable in this machine – 1 pound, 1.5 pound, and 2 pound.


13 ” x 12 ” x 13 ” inches

Settings and cycles

The Breadman TR520 comes with 8 baking and dough cycles, including basic, whole wheat, fast bake, french, sweet, quick bread, dough and bake only. In addition to the wide selection of cycles and settings, the machine is also equipped with three separate crust settings, allowing you to achieve the perfect level of doneness for your family’s tastes.

Cycle length

  1.  Basic
  2.  Whole wheat
  3.  Fast bake
  4.  French
  5.  Sweet
  6.  Quick Bread
  7.  Dough
  8.  Bake only

Additional features

In addition to packing many of the top features, such as a 13 hour delay, that you will find in the best bread machines, this model also bakes truly quickly. You can prepare a two-pound loaf on the fast bake cycle in under two hours. That’s impressive for any bread machine, let alone a budget brand.


Frequently retailing for under $70, this bread machine has a lot of features for a budget model. It is easy to clean, and compact, making a good addition to even the smallest of kitchens. The removable lid allows for easy clean up, even if your bread overproofs. This is a feature that very few bread maker offer, even at much higher price points, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. The reminder bell for fruit and nut add-ins is a plus, too. Although a fully automated machine would be great, for under $70, this is an excellent bargain.


One odd quirk of this machine that you might want to consider is that all of the recipes were tested with one brand of yeast, Red Star. Some users have mentioned that they need to adjust yeast quantities as a result. Additionally, some users noted that the white on yellow print makes it difficult to read the display panel when selecting cycles. Durability is also an issue. Some Breadman TR520 owners have complained that the machine died within just a few uses. Very little information on the company’s customer service is available.


Luckily, even if you have the worst experience imaginable with this machine, there is a 1 year limited guarantee. The machine’s small dimensions make it a good addition to even the tiniest of apartment kitchens. There are some great features on this machine as well, including fruit and nut reminder bells that let you know when to add these items into your bread. Versatility in bread type and crust is also impressive on this model, and the numerous loaf sizes ensure that you never have too much – or too little – fresh baked bread on hand.

I was unable to locate a manual for this model. The Breadman site incorrectly provides a link to their TR555LC bread maker, and does not provide a manual to this model.

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