Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel Convection Breadmaker Reviews

Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel
Convection Breadmaker Reviews

08Do you have a convection oven? If you do, I’m jealous. Something about the way that convection ovens work just leads to fabulous baked goods. Luckily, a bread machine manufacturer finally caught on. The Breadman TR2500BC boasts convection baking in addition to a whole host of other great features. Of course, since it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, the company did have to cut a few corners that could be deal breakers for some bakers. Read on for details.

Key features

  • Convection baking
  • 300+ pre-programmed recipes
  • 24 hour delay bake timer
  • Fruit, nut, and herb add-in dispenser
  • Low carb and gluten free cycles
  • Pause option
  • Keep warm option

If you love the idea of a crispy crust, convection oven baking, and having bread any time you want in a 24 hour window, this is a great machine for you. A fruit, nut, and herb dispenser allows you to add the perfect amount of these extras at exactly the right time. Low carb and gluten free cycles make this machine a friend of special diets, too. With over 300+ pre-programmed recipes, you’ll never run out of ideas, either. This is one truly feature-packed machine, offered at a truly affordable price point.

Loaf size and shape

The Breadman TR2500BC bakes 1, 1.5, and 2 pound horizontal loaves. Beginning and experienced bakers will be thrilled by the homemade look of these loaves, without the hassle of greasing a loaf pan and keeping an eye on the oven. All you have to do is sit down and enjoy the fruits of your machine’s hard labor!


9 ” x 15 ” x 12 ” inches

Settings and cycles

This machine offers users the benefit of 12 versatile and pre-set baking and dough cycles, including white, whole wheat, French, sweet breads, low carb, gluten free, quick breads, jam, dough, pizza dough, and bake only. Light, medium, and dark crust options are also available on this model. A rapid cycle setting can be selected for white, whole wheat, French, and sweet breads. It reduces the cycle time by approximately one hour.

Cycle length for 2 pound loaves

  1.  White (Time: Light 3 hours, Medium 3 hours 10 minutes, Dark 3 hours 20 minutes)
  2.  Rapid white (Time: Light 2 hours, Medium 2 hours 10 minutes, Dark 2 hours 20 minutes)
  3. Whole wheat (Time: Light 3 hours 30 minutes, Medium 3 hours 35 minutes, Dark 3 hours 43 minutes)
  4.  Rapid whole wheat (Time: Light 2 hours 15 minutes, Medium 2 hours 20 minutes, Dark 2 hours 28 minutes)
  5. French (Time: Light 3 hours 20 minutes, Medium 3 hours 30 minutes, Dark 3 hours 40 minutes)
  6.  Rapid French (Time: Light 2 hours 15 minutes, Medium 2 hours 25 minutes, Dark 2 hours 35 minutes)
  7. Sweet breads (Time: Light 3 hours 15 minutes, Medium 3 hours 25 minutes, Dark 3 hours 35 minutes )
  8.  Rapid sweet breads (Time: Light 2 hours 40 minutes, Medium 2 hours 50 minutes, Dark 3 hours )
  9. Low carb (Time: 4 hours 30 minutes)
  10.  Gluten free (Time: 1 hour 19 minutes)
  11.  Quick breads (Time: Light 1 hour 20 minutes, Medium 1 hour 30 minutes, Dark 1 hour 40 minutes )
  12.  Jam (Time: 1 hour 05 minutes)
  13.  Dough (Time: 1 hour 30 minutes)
  14.  Pizza dough (Time: 55 minutes)
  15.  Bake only (Time: 2 hours)

Additional features

A seven minute power failure backup is one of the key features of this model. Your cycle will resume where it left off for up to 7 minutes after a power failure. It is important to note that this feature is not designed for power surges, however. Use a surge protector if you have frequent power surges in your area.

The program button is another fun addition. You can use this button to modify the existing programs to meet your needs. For bake only cycles, this button allows you to adjust the baking temperature.

Another neat addition to this model is the ability to program 5 personal recipes into the machine, along with the pre-set programs.


The Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus is one of the most complex bread machines on the market in its price range. It offers numerous high end features, including customizable programs, low carb and gluten free settings, and a striking stainless steel finish. The machine is loaded with all the bells and whistles that even advanced bakers could hope to find.


Despite its numerous features, this model is high one one other thing –  complaints. Faulty workmanship has been noted regarding the finish and the control pad. Some purchasers have even noted dents and damage in the product upon its arrival. Another common problem is the bread pan, which appears to be flimsy and breakable. Considering the numerous high end features on the model, it is disappointing that these very basic flaws exist. Customer service for this particular Breadman has also been notably poor.


Fresh baked bread and the crisp crust that convection baking provides are what this model promises. For some buyers, however, it only delivers problems. Scout through on-line reviews and commentary carefully before purchasing this machine. It has some rather notable flaws. Despite offering all the features your heart may desire, even its budget price point may be too high to pay for the problems noted. That said, many Breadman TR2500BC owners are more than content with their machine.

The Breadman TR2500BC manual is available here :

Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel Convection Breadmaker

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