Breville Juice Fountain Cold Review model BJE430SIL

I’ve debated getting a juicer for oh, about three years now. I considered the pros and cons, and even borrowed a Breville Juice Fountain from my friend for a week to try it. In the end, I decided to purchase a Blendtec blender instead (their “will it blend?” videos hooked me!) so I could make green […]

Shun Classic Offset Bread Knife Review, 8-inch

Over the years, a number of different knives and knife sets have come and gone in my life, ranging in quality from discount store varieties to high end German and Japanese brands. But it’s the Shun Classic Offset Bread Knife that is my go-to for perfectly sliced homemade bread. I’ve come to the conclusion that […]

Comfort Foods: Why Bread is a Go-to in Winter

When bad weather rolls in and the threat of being snowed in looms, the French Toast Weather Alert kicks into operation. Although it’s a humorous site, it does remind me of one thing about bad weather – the products people buy most often when they could be snowed in are bread, milk, and toilet paper. […]

The Amazing Ingredient Your Breads Are Missing

You may make what you think is a perfect loaf, but if you haven’t tried making yogurt bread, you’re missing out. Take my word for it. I thought I knew everything about making bread at home, but I’d largely ignored the existence of yogurt breads until a friend of mine who’s on a fermented foods […]

Going Primal: Sprouted grain flours in the bread machine

Primal and Paleo diets are popular right now, but cut out the grain to a large extent. If you’re a bread lover like me, the end of grains in your diet is a scary thought. Enter the rise of sprouted grain flours. In this article, we’ll take a look at what they are and if […]

7 Pumpkin and Spice Ideas for Your Bread Machine Baking This Fall

Admit it. You love pumpkin. Every grocery store and coffee house in the US is stocked with pumpkin treats that set your mouth watering, but your pocketbook isn’t always in agreement with your cravings. The seven ideas on this list will help you get the most out of your love for baking, and the delicious […]

Back to Bread-baking Basics

With thousands of recipes, and as many ingredient combinations, the choice in modern breads can be overwhelming. When looking for something simple to bake, I realized that my favorite recipe book has seven recipes for basic white breads. My kitchen is often overwhelmingly crowded with supplies – especially the bread pantry. I wanted to take […]

Caffeine and Fresh Baked Bread – A Perfect Combo?

Green coffee. Green tea. They sound like flavors that you’d find in a café, not a loaf of bread. Surprise! Both work well in many dishes, including baked goods. Green tea has floated in and out of pastry shops, bakeries, and cafes for years, but very rarely does it hit the bread pan – I’ve […]

Why we love carbs on cold days

Why we love carbs on cold days Do you love the idea of pasta, potatoes, breads, and other carbohydrates in winter? Do cold days increase your cravings? There are several theories behind carbohydrate addiction.   Almost 25 years ago revealed a link between drops in serotonin production and carbohydrate cravings in some individuals. A pair […]

7 Reasons to bake bread today

7 Reasons to bake bread today   Do you love to bake, but have trouble finding the motivation to get started? In this post, I’ve brought the fun back to baking. Read on to find out why baking today will make you smile, laugh, strengthen your friendships, and maybe even help you lose weight.   […]