About me

I am a bread machine addict.  I love bread.  I happen to love really good bread.  Unfortunately, where I live (in Florida, USA), good bread is not that easy to find.  Bread is everywhere of course, and easily available in the supermarket.  Better bread can be found at specialty stores and upscale, gourmet markets.  There are chain stores that have decent loaves.  If I drive further, it’s even possible to find good bakeries.  The farmer’s market is probably my best source for delicious fresh bread, but the hours are limited and it’s hard for me to get there.

Despite all this, there is nothing like home baked bread.  First of all, it fills the house with an amazing aroma.  I actually am convinced that I sold our last house to the first person who came to look at it (in 2010, a real down market) because I made bread in my bread machine before they arrived.  The smell must have just made them feel right at home!

I can’t claim to be a poster child for healthy eating by any stretch, but I really like knowing what ingredients are in the bread that my family and I are eating.  It’s so much healthier to eat bread with no preservatives or chemicals.  And best of all, it just tastes better!

As much as I love freshly baked bread, I have very limited time and let’s face it, I’m pretty lazy.  There is something very rewarding about kneading a loaf by hand, checking how it’s rising, and peeking at the gorgeous loaf in the oven as it bakes.  However I just don’t have the time to do it regularly.  It requires being home for hours to keep the process moving (OK there are some things you can do like rising in the refrigerator but still…).  And it requires some clean up.  Making bread is messy work, even if you use a Kitchenaid mixer or Cuisinart food processor (both of which I also occasionally use to make bread) to do the bulk of it.

There is just nothing easier than throwing a few ingredients into the machine, hitting start or the timer, and ending up with a wonderful fresh baked loaf.  It’s not always that easy though, as I’ve discovered.  I’ve had my shares of disasters over the years, more with some machines than others.  I’ve discovered some tips and tricks along the way.  Any recipes that I share here on this site are ones that I have personally tested.

I happen to be an Amazon junkie, because the prices are so great and it’s super convenient.  I do not work for Amazon, but I am a member of their Amazon Associates program, so you may find links to Amazon (and maybe some other affiliate programs) throughout the site.  Rest assured that you will not pay any more by purchasing an item after clicking on one of these links.  Sometimes you may even get a special discount.  Any (likely minimal!) amount of money that I make from these programs will be used to cover my time and expense to create and maintain this site.

I hope if you are reading this site you will enjoy your bread machine even half as much as I do!

Thank you for reading,