Weights for common bread machine ingredients

For the best possible results with your automated bread machine, it is best to weigh your ingredients instead of measuring them out.  This ensures much greater accuracy than using either dry or liquid measuring cups and spoons.  Even if you just do this for your flour, it will make a difference in the consistency and quality of your loaves.

When you do use dry measuring cups, be sure not to pack the ingredients into the cup.  Scoop the flour lightly or even spoon it in, and then level it off with a knife or spatula.  For liquids, let them settle by setting them on a table or counter and get down at eye level to be sure you have the right amount.

Here are the weights of some common bread machine ingredients for your reference.

Weights for common bread machine ingredients

1 cupWater240 grams8.46 oz
1 cupWhite bread flour128 grams4.51 oz
1 cupWhole wheat flour120 grams4.23 oz
1 TbspSugar11.6 grams0.40 oz
1 TbspDry milk4.0 grams0.14 oz
1 tspSalt6.0 grams0.21 oz
1 TbspButter14.0 grams0.49 oz
1 tspActive dry yeast3.0 grams0.11 oz
1 tspRapid rise yeast3.0 grams0.11 oz




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